Flipkart Quiz all Questions And Answer on 27 April 2021

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DAILY TRIVIA Questions and Answer 27 April 2021

1) Which IPL team has never captained by an overseas player?

Chennai Super Kings

2) Fast bowler Prasidh krishna, who recently made his debut for India, plays for which IPL team?

Kolkata Knight Riders

3) Who was the emerging player of the year for the IPL 2009 season?

Rohit Sharma

4) Which of these was the first match of the IPL 2021 that had a super over?


5) Who took 30 wickets to win the purple cap in the IPL 2020 season?

Kagiso Rabada

AGE KYA HOGA Question and Answer 27 April 2021

1) What’s Next

Ans – Ballon Bursts with the knife

2) What’s Next

Ans – The girl slips and falls

3) What’s Next

Ans – Ladder falls on the man

FAKE OR NOT FAKE Question and Answer 27 April 2021

Question : the mixture of blue and yellow gives us green?

Answer(i) not FAKE

Question : goa popular drink feni is named after a river?

Answer(ii) FAKE

Question : during lunar eclipse the moon looks red because of the dust particles in earth atmosphere

Answer(iii) not FAKE

Prize wali Pathsahala Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 27th April 2021

1) Which planet in our solar system has a day that is longer than it’s year

Answer is – Venus

2) Where did the Dandi March start from

Answer is – Ahmedabad

3) Which of these actresses was originally named ashwini

Answer is – Shilpa Shetty

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